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The Ultimate Landscaping Dump Trailer

You are the best landscaper in your area, your competition can't compete with your work or your equipment. So if you are looking for the best dump trailer, here are a couple of features you can't afford to miss when you are buying a new dump trailer.

Side Extensions

Make sure your side have stake pockets for side extensions, so you can build wooden extensions or order our side extensions to add cubic yard capacity to your dump trailer.

Lamar dump trailer with side extensions
Lamar Dump trailer with side extensions

Durable Floor

Debris will get hung up on dump floors that are made by welding multiple sheets together. Get a dump trailer with a solid sheet floor that's 7 gauge thick to prevent hang ups and floor warping.

Our dump trailers are built with a tight bed frame, the crossmembers are spaced 12" apart to keep the 10,000 pounds of cargo from warping the floor.

lamar dump trailer seamless floor

Interior Tie Downs

If you plan on loading your skid steer, tractor, or front loader into your dump trailer, you are going to need interior tie downs.

We just mentioned having a seamless dump floor to prevent debris getting hung up, so make sure the rear two d-rings are mounted to the side and not the floor.

lamar dump interior tie down points
lamar dump trailer with tractor

Engineered Sides

Your dump trailer is not a moving truck, you will not be gently placing fragile items in there. You need a dump trailer that is well engineered and proper side supports are mandatory if you want a dump trailer that lasts. Our Rigid Rails are designed to disperse impact instead of bend. The large tubing like top rail can take an impact and absorb it instead of instantly crumpling.

Lamar dump trailer rigid rails, formed and engineered

A Great Reputation

In the world of dump trailers, buying a brand with a solid reputation is key. Don't mistake "well known" for "quality" Check out our customer reviews on google here.

Interested in buying a dump trailer that is built to last? Check ours out here.


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