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What To Look For When Buying a Trailer

If you are looking to buy a new trailer, or even if you are looking to buy a used trailer, it is sometimes hard to know what to look for to make sure you are getting the best trailer for your hard earned dollar.

Lamar Trailers builds over 11,000 trailers a year, we know what makes a good trailer. We compiled a list of everything our employees look for when they are shopping for the best trailer on the market.

Top 4 things to look for in a quality trailer.

01 - Fit and Finish Judge a trailer by it’s cover. The two biggest tells of a trailers quality is how well it’s welded and painted. If you see good welds and paint, it’s a good sign that the manufacturer has taken their time to do everything else right as well. All of Lamar's trailers are put through a seven step quality control process.

02- Premium Components

An easy way for a trailer manufacturer to cut costs is cheap out on the components. Make sure that they are using reputable brands for jacks, couplers, lights, hydraulics, cylinders, and tires. Lamar Trailers is NATM compliant and have been a member of the NATDA association for years, keeping us in touch with the newest technology in the trailer industry.

03- Quality Engineering

It’s surprising how many trailers are being sold with poorly thought out designs. Make sure all moving components, like levers, gates, lids, jacks, and handles have clearance. Formed parts, cut with plasma and lasers, and then bent into shape, signify a company with quality machinery and high end R&D. Every part manufactured at Lamar Trailers, or for Lamar Trailers has been expertly engineered by our R&D department.

04- Weather Proofing With 50% of the trailers in the market built in Texas, it’s easy to get lax on weather proofing trailers to handle tough weather. Make sure your trailer is powder coated, and wiring is in a sealed harness. If it’s spliced together with butt connectors or heat shrink, it will be prone to connection issues. All Lamar trailers are fitted with a fully sealed wire harness, and metal blasted before powder coated for a durable, tough finish that can handle the weather better than liquid paint.


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