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8" 13lb I-BEAM


Hydraulic Low-Pro Dump

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7 Gauge Floor
Arctic Wire Harness

Our dump trailers 7 gauge floor prevents the warping and waving of industry standard 12 gauge floors.

Premium Components

We use brand name quality products for anything we don't produce in house for our dump trailers.

All our wire harnesses are sealed and the front hook up is rated for -65°F.

3 Year Structural Warranty

All our dump trailer frames are built tough and we back them up with a 3 year warranty.

Premium Powder Coat

We metal blast and apply a super durable powder coat that will hold up to weather and salt better than liquid.

Low-Pro Dump Trailer

Low Profile Dump Trailer

One of the keys to building the best dump trailer on the market means having a low-profile frame. Lamar’s Low Pro Dump Trailer is a 14k dump trailer, (available as a 16k dump trailers, and 21k dump trailer) with a 28” deck height. This makes unloading and loading and equipment easy.

This model is ideal for home owners, commercial use, construction, landscaping, trash removal and a host of other applications.


Whether you are looking for a low side dump trailer or a high side dump trailer, the Lamar Low Pro Dump trailer offers both, with 24” sides or 48” sides.


With a payload of either 9,000lbs, 11,000lbs or 15,000lbs depending on axle size, the low pro dump trailer can handle all types of material and equipment.


Our heavy duty dump trailer comes fully equipped, and standard with all the best options. 10k jacks, a 43° dumping angle, hydraulic scissor lift, massive toolbox, d-rings, spreader gate and barn door combo, LED bullet lights, fully sealed weather resistant wiring, black wheels, 12” spaced crossmembers, rear slide in ramps and a 13lb I-beam frame.


Don’t miss out on our gooseneck dump trailer option for a fifth wheel hookup, available with 6” raised neck for lifted trucks.


Varies by GVWR
7K Easy Lube Electric Brake Spring Axles

Tandem Axle Configuration (14k-16k GVWR)


Brakes & Suspension

Options to Exchange or Add On

7K Easy Lube Electric Brake Drop Spring Axles

7K Electric Brake Oil Bath Spring Axles

7K Easy Lube Electric Brake 22.5° Down Torsion Axles

8K Electric Brake Oil Bath Spring Axles
8K Electric Brake Oil Bath 22.5° Down Torsion Axles

Triple Axle Configuration (21k GVWR)

8" 13 lb I-Beam Frame

24" Sides (6 - 8 cubic yards)

12" Spaced Crossmembers

7 Gauge Floor



Options to Exchange or Add On

10" 12 lb I-Beam Frame

8' Deck Over Neck

24" Solid Metal Side Extensions

36" Sides (9 - 12 cubic yards)

48" Sides (12 - 16 cubic yards)

Single 10K Drop-Leg Jack



Options to Exchange or Add On

Dual 10K Drop-Leg Jacks

Single 10K 2-Speed Jack

Dual 10K 2-Speed Jacks

Single 10K Hydraulic Jack

Dual 10K Hydraulic Jacks

Pair Of Support Stands

Led Lights

5 Amp Trickle Charger

12V Deep Cycle Battery Kit

Weather Resistant Harness (-65°F)

3 Way 12V DC Pump

6" Bore Cylinder (14', 16')(45°)

5" Bore Cylinder (12') (45°)



Options to Exchange or Add On

Solar Charger

Pair Of 12V Deep Cycle Battery Kits

Wireless Remote Control

Gas Powered Motor Hydraulic Pump

Telescopic Lift

Varies by GVWR
235/80 R16 (E)10Ply Tire
Spare Tire Mount



Options to Exchange or Add On

215/75 R17.5 (H) 16Ply SS Tire Black Wheel

235/85 R16 (G) 14Ply Tire With Black Wheel

Spare Tire

2-5/16" 21K Demco Adjustable Cast Iron Coupler



Options to Exchange or Add On

3" 25K Adjustable Pintle Eye Coupler

2-5/16" 25K Gooseneck Coupler

2-5/16" 30K Gooseneck Adjustable Topwind Square Coupler

6" Raised Neck & Coupler (ideal for lifted trucks)

12" Raised Neck & Coupler (ideal for lifted trucks)

Front Tool Box

Spreader Gate

Easy Roll Mesh Tarp

Standard Stake Pockets

Pair Of Heavy Duty Slide In Ramps (21°)


Cargo Loading

Options to Exchange or Add On

Weld On D-Rings

Extra Stake Pockets

Receiver Hitch & Plug

Lamar Charcoal Gray Powder Coat



Options to Exchange or Add On

No Available Options

83" x 12' - 4,245 lbs - 9,755 lbs

83" x 14' - 4,590 lbs - 9,410 lbs

83" x 16' - 4,865 lbs - 9,135 lbs

Size - Weight - Payload

14K Sizes & Payload

83" x 12' - 4,725 lbs - 11,275 lbs

83" x 14' - 4,870 lbs - 11,130 lbs

83" x 16' - 5,465 lbs - 10,535 lbs

Size - Weight - Payload

16K Sizes & Payload

83" x 16' - 5,470 lbs - 15,530 lbs

Size - Weight - Payload

21K Sizes & Payload

Full Specs & Options

Front Mount Telescopic


Lamar's new Telescopic Model offers the same great features Lamar's best selling Low Pro Dump Trailer, with a more front leveraged lift. Check it out below.

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