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Become a Lamar Dealer

To apply feel free to fill out the application below.

Fully Loaded Trailers

Our models come standard with functional and long lasting options.

What We Offer

Annual Promised Production

All our dealers have production amounts promised annually, that way they can have peace of mind.

Competitive Protection

Become a Lamar Dealer

Fill out the form below and our sales team will look it over and get back with you!

Are you currently a trailer dealer?
What trailers are you wanting to sell?

What We Look For

1. A state-issued dealer license.

2. $100,000 opening order scheduled for shipment.

3. Make orders at least once every quarter.

4. Service department/shop nearby for repair and service trailers.

5. Online presence.

Our success resides squarely within our exceptional dealer network. To prevent undermining the efforts of our valued dealers, we don’t do any private/direct sales to the public.

We take pride in delivering a high-quality product to our dealers and
subsequently, their customers. Part and parcel to this package is
unequaled customer service, with unmatched accessibility to our talented team. 

Many of our dealers inventory multiple trailer brands from many
manufacturers. Our aim is to be the most comfortable to work with.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits that come with being a Lamar
Trailers dealer? Fill out an application if you’re ready to talk, and
a representative will contact you shortly.

Dealer Requirements

We limit the amount of dealer locations based on radius and population. We also do not do any private or direct sales to the public

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