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While your Lamar Trailer is designed to provide many years of trouble-free use, sometimes accidents happen. Please follow the below steps to get your warranty issue taken are of and your trailer back in action!

3 Year Structural

1 Year Component

Lamar's warranty covers the primary frame for 3 years. Any damage caused by overloading or improper use is not covered.

Non wearing components are covered for 1 year. Items subject to normal wear will not be replaced due to wear. This warranty does not cover wear and maintenance items.

3rd Party Components

Any third party components such as calipers, tires, axles, suspension, lights, brakes, wheels , hydraulic pumps & etc. are covered by their respective manufacturer.

Lamar Trailers, Inc. warrants that its product, to the original buyer, will be defect-free for a period of one year, providing that the following conditions are met and satisfied.

The warranty begins from date of manufacturer, or date of purchase if the trailer's warranty has been registered with Lamar.

Warranty is transferable from the original owner.

1.1)Manufacturer’s Warranty

This warranty covers the primary frame (crossmembers, ramps, railings) for a period of three (3) years. Any other non-wearing items are covered for a period of one (1) year. Items subject to normal wear will not be replaced due to wear. This warranty does not cover wear and maintenance items, or those items excluded elsewhere in the Owner’s Manual.


Preapproved Repairs or Service: all repairs or service performed on a Lamar Trailer must first be approved by Lamar Trailers, Inc. for any of these expenses to be covered under warranty. Lamar Trailers will not be held liable for any repairs or service that have been performed on a Lamar Trailer without prior, express written authorization.

1.2)Warranty Covers

Damage due to lack of maintenance or the use of incorrect oil or lubricants.


Improper maintenance of your trailer or the use of other than specified oil or lubricants recommended in your Owner’s Manual. You are obligated to ensure that you obtain all oil and lubricants from reliable vendors who use quality products that meet the specifications identified in your Owner’s Manual. Should problems result to your trailer due to service received from vendors who use reduced quality products, your trailer warranties will not provide coverage.


Damaged brake rotors and drums resulting from failing to replace brake pads and/or shoes before they have worn sufficiently enough to damage such rotors and drums. You are obligated to ensure adequate inspections occur to prevent rotor and drum damage due to pad/shoe wear.


These normal wear items include but are not limited to surface paint, flooring, bearings, hoses and brake linings.


All third-party components: calipers, jacks, tires, suspension, lights, brakes, wheels, hydraulic dump cylinders control etc. are covered by the warranty of their respective manufacturer.


Damage due to factors beyond the manufacturer’s control examples of these factors include, but are not limited to:

- Misuse of your Lamar Trailer such as driving over curbs, or other hazardous objects or road structures, overloading the trailer, or engaging in activities or uses not described in our owner’s manual.

- Accidents and incidents that damage your Lamar Trailer including but not limited to collision, fire, theft, riot, alteration, modification, tampering, rewiring.


- Damages or corrosion from the environment such as acid rain, airborne fallout (chemical, tree sap, etc.), road salt, hail, windstorm, lightning, floods, and acts of God. This limitation also includes damage to trailer assemblies such as brakes and suspension.


- Changes in trailer appearance due to normal use and exposure to the elements and corrosion to underlying metal when paint integrity is not consistently maintained.


- Consumer induced damage caused by overloading, negligence or other damage that is not considered a defect in material or workmanship.


- Paint or trailer finish damage caused by applying chemicals to the paint surface. - Damage caused by installing incorrect tires (size, etc.).


- Damage caused by the installation of any part that is not equal to the OE part in quality of material or workmanship.


Normal Maintenance:


- Normal maintenance services such as cleaning and polishing, minor adjustments, lubrication, wheel alignment, and tire rotation unless such services are provided as part of a coverable warranty repair instance.


- Normal maintenance items including but not limited to lubricants, light bulbs, and batteries are NOT warranted.

1.3)What is NOT Covered?

This warranty applies to a Lamar Trailer that HAS been registered and normally operated in the United States or Canada.


The only responsibility of Lamar Trailers, Inc. under this limited warranty will be to repair and replace parts at the Lamar Trailers, Inc. factory or at a Lamar Trailers, Inc. authorized dealer. Warranty repairs performed at another location other than the Lamar Trailers, Inc. factory or authorized dealer are only allowed under this warranty with prior written approval by Lamar Trailers, Inc.


Unless applicable state law provides otherwise, all other liabilities or obligations, including incidental or consequential damages or contingent liabilities stemming out of the failure of any 6 parts to operate properly are hereby excluded, including but not limited to any damages resulting from loss of use, inconvenience, loss of time, commercial loss, or any other type of damages both specific and general, foreseen or unforeseen.


No claimant will be reimbursed by Lamar Trailers, Inc. for any repair or adjustment of a Lamar Trailer without prior written approval by Lamar Trailers, Inc. Labor costs will be reimbursed to a reasonable extent for any repairs performed at a location other than the Lamar Trailers, Inc. production facilities.


Lamar Trailers, Inc. is not responsible for damages caused by abuse, misapplication, or negligence of a trailer or any of its individual component parts. Loads exceeding the gross vehicle load rating indicated on the product’s certificate plate will invalidate and void all warranties. Any repairs, alterations, or modifications to Lamar Trailers Inc. products without the express written consent and prior knowledge of Lamar Trailers, Inc. will void manufacturer’s warranty.

1.5)Warranty Void

Lamar Trailers, Inc. will not be held responsible for any trailer transportation costs to and/or from an authorized dealer, the Lamar Trailers, Inc. factory or an approved repair facility. These responsibilities lie with the trailer owner.

1.6)Transportations Costs Excluded

This warranty is expressly given in place of all other representations and warranties. Lamar Trailers, Inc. makes no representation or warranty of any kind or type, express or implied with respect to Lamar Trailers, Inc. whether as to merchantability, fitness of a particular purpose or any other matter. No party, including an authorized Lamar Trailers, Inc. dealer, is authorized to make further or additional warranties on behalf of Lamar Trailers, Inc.


Lamar Trailers, Inc. makes no other implied or express warranties. There are no other warranties which extend beyond such as stated.


Lamar Trailers, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in trailers built and/or sold by Lamar Trailers, Inc. and its Authorized Lamar Trailers Dealers at any time without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes on trailers previously built or sold.


Responsibility for submitting any claim to the manufacturer under this Limited Warranty lies with authorized Lamar Trailers, Inc. dealers.


Within 10 days after noticing a potential issue with a Lamar Trailer, Inc. trailer, the end user must return the trailer for inspection to your Lamar Trailers, Inc. authorized dealer where the original purchase was made.


If the dealer is not capable of repairing the problem free of charge and the end user wishes to file a warranty claim under this warranty, the dealer must contact Lamar Trailers, Inc. within 15 days of being made aware of the original defect.

The Dealer must receive preapproval by a Warranty Repair Estimate form that is filled out; photographic evidence of the damages or suspect areas of the Lamar trailer must be included.


Lamar Trailers, Inc. will acknowledge receipt to the Dealer and the claimant with a Support Issue number (SI#) and depending on the case and coverage and will approve or decline.


If needed, a request may be made to send defective parts via prepaid shipping to Lamar Trailers, Inc. to verify and qualify the claimant for reimbursement and/or replacement under this limited warranty. If request is made, defective parts must be sent within 30 days of the approval date to qualify for reimbursement and/or replacement.


Lamar Trailers, Inc. reserves the right not to pay an unreasonable cost for replacement or repair of defects to a Lamar Trailers, Inc. trailer. At the discretion of Lamar Trailers, Inc., reasonable reimbursement or needed parts for any authorized work performed under the terms of this limited warranty may be established.

1.8)Dealer Responsibilities

Warranty Policy

The following is a general guide for consumers, to get the latest and accurate Lamar Trailers Warranty Policy, please email

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