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28" Deck Height Low Profile Dump Trailer

One of the keys to building the best dump trailer on the market means having a low-profile frame.

Lamar’s Low Pro Dump Trailer is a 14k GVWR trailer, (available as a 16k GVWR trailer and 21k GVWR trailer) with a 28-inch deck height. This is one of the lowest trailer deck heights on the market. This makes unloading and loading equipment easy.

Whether you are looking for a low-side dump trailer or a high-side trailer, the Lamar Low Pro Dump trailer offers both, with 24-inch sides or 48-inch sides.

With a payload of either 9,000lbs, 11,000lbs, or 15,000lbs depending on axle size, the low pro dump trailer can handle all types of material and equipment.

Our heavy-duty dump trailer comes fully equipped, and standard with all the best options, 10k jacks, heavy-duty fenders, a 45° angle, a massive toolbox, d-rings, spreader gate and barn door combo, LED bullet lights, fully sealed weather-resistant wiring, black wheels, 12” spaced cross-members, rear slide in ramps and a 13lb I-beam frame.

Don’t miss out on our gooseneck dump trailer option for a fifth wheel hookup, available with a 6” raised neck for lifted trucks.

The low pro dump trailer uses a hydraulic scissor lift run-on batteries. The scissor lifts the trailer bed up to a 45° dumping angle.

The dump trailer axles are available with EZ lube spring axles, Oil bath spring axles, 22.5° down torsion Axles, or drop spring axles. The drop axles bring your deck height down by four inches to get a 24” deck height.

So whether you are looking for landscaping, residential use, roofing, trash removal, or any other type of commercial work, look no further than a Lamar dump trailer.

The dump trailer bed dimensions are 83 inches wide and available in 12ft, 14ft, or 16ft lengths and 24", 36" or 48" sides.

If you are looking for smaller models with 10k GVWR or 7K GVWR, check out our Mini and Medium Dump trailers.


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