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What Size Dump Trailer Do I Need?

Depending on what equipment you are hauling, or how much you need to load, you may need a different size dump trailer. Follow this comprehensive guide to picking a dump trailer size.

All this information is specific to Lamar dump trailers, but it will cross over into most industry leading brands.

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Lamar offers 6 different size dump trailers.

You can find the dimensions to your skid steers and loaders, on most manufacturers websites.

Low Pro Dump Trailer

16' x 7' x 2'

14' x 7' x 2'

12' x 7' x 2'

Medium Dump Trailer

12' x 6.5' x 18"

10' x 6.5' x 18"

Mini Dump Trailer

10' x 5' x 18"

The Can-am Commander would fit the Medium or Low Pro dump trailer.

The Kubota L47 TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOE would fit in the Low Pro dump trailer.

Cubic Yard Capacity

All Lamar trailers are standard with 24" sides, but the 7' wide model, our Low Pro Dump Trailer, is also available with 48" sides as pictured below.

Low Pro Dump Trailer

16'x7'x2' Dump Trailer can hold 8.2 cubic yards (available with 4' sides and 16.4 cubic yard)

14'x7'x2' Dump Trailer can hold 7.2 cubic yards (available with 4' sides and 14.4 cubic yard)

12'x7'x2' Dump Trailer can hold 6.1 cubic yards (available with 4' sides and 12.1 cubic yard)

Medium Dump Trailer

12'x6.5'x18" Dump Trailer can hold 5.9 cubic yards

10'x6.5'x18" Dump Trailer can hold 4.8 cubic yards

Mini Dump Trailer

10'x5'x18" Dump Trailer can hold 3.7 cubic yards

Payload & GVWR

You can get different sizes with different GVWR's, which will affect the payload.

Payload = Trailer GVWR - Trailer Weight

Your trailer's GVWR is the amount of weight that the axles can carry, to determine payload all you have to do is subtract how much the trailer weighs.

The longer or bigger the trailer, the heavier it is. If two trailers have the same GVWR, the smaller trailer will have a higher payload because it's not carrying the extra weight frame weight.

The payloads listed below are for standard Lamar Trailers, adding additional options will change capacity.

Low Pro Dump Trailer

Available in 14,000lb, 16,000, and 21,000lb GVWR

16'x7' with 14,000lb gvwr has a 9,100lb payload

14'x7' with 14,000lb gvwr has a 9,300lb payload

12'x7' with 14,000lb gvwr has a 9,800lb payload

16'x7' with 16,000lb gvwr has a 10,460lbs payload

14'x7' with 16,000lb gvwr has a 10,946lbs payload

12'x7' with 16,000lb gvwr has a 11,320lbs payload

16'x7' with 21,000lb gvwr has a payload of 15,530lbs

Medium Dump Trailer

Available in 10,000 GVWR

12' x 6.5' with a 10,000 gvwr has a 7,350lb payload

10' x 6.5' with a 10,000 gvwr has a 7,520lb payload

Mini Dump Trailer

Available in 7,000 and 10,000 GVWR

10' x 5' with a 7,000 gvwr has a 4,500lb payload

10' x 5' with a 10,000 gvwr has a 7,540lb payload

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