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Payload Capacity: Quick Trailer Calculator

Payload = Trailer GVWR - Trailer Weight

Your trailer's GVWR is the amount of weight that the axles can carry, to determine payload all you have to do is subtract how much it weighs.

Lamar does the math for you, all of our trailers have their payloads listed.

The GVWR on all NATM compliant trailer will have a sticker near the front with the VIN, GVWR, manufacturer, manufacture date and GAWR.

Reading the VIN sticker

Manufactured by: This is the brand that built your trailer.

GVWR : the total amount of weight the axles can carry

GAWR: the weight that can be placed on each axle

Date: the day which this trailer was built

View the sample VIN sticker from a Lamar trailer below.

Truck Tow Capacity

Your truck will determine what kind of trailer you can get and how much you can load on it.

Tow capacity = weight you can pull.

GVWR = weight that can be loaded on your axles.

That means your trailer GVWR generally shouldn't be more than your truck's tow capacity. You can still pull trailers with a higher GVWR than your truck, as long as the trailer weight is still under your tow capacity, but you will not be able to legally load the trailer's full payload.

License Requirements

License Requirements are different across states, but generally, as long as your truck and trailer's combined GVWR is less than 26,000 pounds you don't need a special class of license or CDL.

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