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The Best Trailer for Hauling Equipment: Lamar's Equipment Tilt Deck Trailer

Quick Facts about the TD model: - 14,000-pound GVWR

- 10,000-pound Payload

- 3,500-pound Empty Weight

- 18' - 22' lengths

- Soft Close Gravity Hydraulic Cylinder

- 16' Tilting Deck + Additional Stationary Deck

- 83" Width

- 6" Channel Frame

- 11 Degree Loading Angle

- 16' Tilting Deck

The all-new Lamar Tilt Deck Trailer has been totally overhauled with a softer gravity tilt, and recessed frame to allow for a super low 11-degree loading angle. This beast of a tilt trailer has a 10,000-pound payload and is ideal for loading skid steers, tractors, excavators, and vehicles. The trailer uses a super soft hydraulic gravity tilt cylinder, so there are no electronics to run the battery dry.

Lamar Trailers Equipment Tilt Deck Trailer

A tilt deck trailer is a great ramp-less option for loading equipment or vehicles. The tilting deck is full width, so it can load any width of the equipment. It is ideal for construction. If you have equipment like skid steers, excavators, or tractors that you are hauling from job site to job site, the Lamar Equipment Tilt Deck Trailer is much more convenient than a regular straight deck equipment trailer like our H6 or H8 model.

The tilting deck is on a cushioned cylinder, which can be locked and unlocked to tilt the deck, as well as lock it for transport.

No matter the length, all Lamar Equipment Tilt Deck Trailers have a 16' tilting deck, so the trailer will have a stationary deck at the front of it.

This Tilt Trailer is also available as a gooseneck, so if you are looking for a gooseneck skid steer trailer, you can upgrade to the gooseneck version of the TD model.

Lamar Trailers Equipment Tilt Deck Trailer

Lamar Trailers has been building trailers since 2003, and have built over 100,000 trailers that have sold in every single state in the United States.


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