2020 Lamar Dump Design

We redesigned our most popular, durable Low Pro model dump trailer to increase customer ease of use.

1. Longer tongue

2. Bigger Toolbox 3. Side Step

The redesigned Lamar Low Profile Dump Trailer

Top - After

Bottom - Before

Longer Tongue

With an 8" longer tongue, our dump trailer now offers better stability while towing.

Bigger Toolbox

The longer tongue opened the opportunity to enlarge our toolbox. We increased capacity by two cubic feet. The toolbox was expertly engineered to fit into the tongue and clear the jack.

Lamar Dump Trailer Toolbox
Lamar Dump Trailer Toolbox

The enlarged toolbox

Side Step

Adding a side step to pop up and look into your dump is a small detail that we wanted to make sure we didn't overlook.

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