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Can You Load a Skid Steer into a Lamar Dump Trailer?

Yes, of course. Lamar's Low Profile Dump Trailer is perfect for hauling material, as well as heavy equipment like skid steers, to the job site.

Weight Limit

Lamar's Low Profile Dump Trailer has a varying GVWR depending on which axles you get, you can get a 14,000, 16,000, or 21,000-pound GVWR. Our most popular dump trailers is a 14ft, 14,000 GVWR model that has a payload of 9,500 pounds.


Lamar's Low Profile Dump Trailer (DL & DT Model) has 83 inches inside the bed. This will fit any CAT, Kubota, and John Deere skid steers. Buckets that are over 83 inches can rest on top of the sides. However, without a sliding door on the skid steer, it will make it difficult to get in and out of the skid steer when loading and unloading it.


Every dump trailer comes standard with heavy-duty slide-in ramps that can adjust to any width for different equipment, like skid steers, excavators, and tractors.

The loading angle of a Lamar Dump Trailer with our heavy-duty 60" ramps is 44 degrees. The ramps are built from a super heavy-duty 5.0-pound channel with angle iron cleats for traction. This allows you to load small heavy equipment that put a ton of force on a small area.

Lamar Trailers Dump Trailer

Lamar's ramps are also designed to prevent being lost on the highway. The ramp itself is pinned to the dump trailer instead of behind a flimsy ramp door that tends to break off.

Lamar Trailers Door-less Ramps


Lamar's DL & DT model dump trailers come with built-in stabilizer jacks that prevent your trailer's front end from lifting off the ground when loading heavy equipment. Without a stabilizer jack, when loading equipment, your trailer will pick up the rear end of your truck. If this happens on a slope, you risk having your truck and trailer rolling down the hill.

Here is a photo of loading a skid steer on a Lamar Dump with, and without stabilizer jacks.

Loading a dump trailer with out stabilizer jacks

Lamar's stabilizer jacks are built into the frame of the trailer. All you have to do is pop out the pin, lower them, ad place the pin back in to lock it at that height.

Lamar Dump Trailer Stabilizer Jacks


If you are running a dirt moving or landscaping business, you have any heavy equipment like skid steers, tractors, or excavators that need to be brought back and forth to the job site, and you need to move material, Lamar's Dump Trailer is the perfect fit.

Lamar Trailers Dump Trailer with a Tractor Loaded in it

Here is a Kubota L47 Tractor Loader Backhoe in a Lamar Dump.

Lamar Trailers Dump Trailer with a Skid Loader Loaded in it

This is a Vermeer CTX100 Mini Skid Steer loaded in a Lamar Dump Trailer.

Lamar Trailers Dump Trailer with a Skid Steer Loaded in it

This is a Kubota SVL97-2 Track Loader loaded into a Lamar Dump Trailer. We don't recommend loading this model into anything less than our triple axle 21,000 GWVR dump trailer as this weighs 11,500 pounds.


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