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Front Mounted Telescopic Dump vs Scissor Hoist.

Due to popular demand, Lamar added a new model to our dump line in 2022.

The telescopic dump trailer.

It's everything our best-selling Low Profile Dump Trailer is known for, with a telescoping cylinder lift instead of the classic scissor lift.

Lengths: 14' - 16'

Payload: 9,000 - 11,000 pounds

Yards: 7 - 14

Available with 14,000-16,000 pound GVWR, and a payload of 9,000 - 11,000 pounds or 4.5-5.5 tons. The telescoping model is offered in 14-foot and 16-foot lengths.

Lamar 2022 Telescopic Dump Trailer Rendering

What is the difference between a scissor lift dump and a telescopic dump?

The telescoping cylinder offers better leverage from the front, to help dump uneven or front-loaded cargo.

The telescope has a single hinge point on which the cylinder moves as it pushes the dump bed up. The cylinder itself is mounted to the trailer. Only relying on the cylinder and a single hinge point, as long as the single point is secure, means there is less to wear out or go wrong on the telescope. All the bracing and structure on the scissor make it incredibly strong.

The scissor lift is a cylinder inside of a metal hoist, which has two hinge points. Scissor lifts offer three-way functionality. The scissor hoist is able to push the bed up and down, as well as allow for gravity down, which saves battery but takes longer to lower. Telescoping cylinders are only two-way, power up, and gravity down.

We are currently offering both scissor and telescopic dumps.


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