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Powder Coat vs Liquid Paint: What's the Big Deal?

Painting and coating reactive metals like iron and steel are essential. If unfinished, the metal reacts with oxygen to form rust. Powder coating has become industry standard in the trailer industry. What's the difference between powder and liquid, and which is better?

Powder Coat Booth

How it works

Powder coat is applied electrostatically. An electrostatic gun is used to spray powder onto an object that's been grounded. The positively charged paint sticks to the grounded. It's then sent through a bake oven to melt and cure.

Liquid paint uses a solvent to keep it in liquid form while applied and then dries or can be baked to dry.

uncured powder coated trailer


There are a couple of advantages to using powder. It can be applied much thicker without running and dripping. While applying, it doesn't matter if its being done upside down, horizontally or vertically, the finish will be consistent. The heat that cures the powder causes a much better bond to the surface, reducing corrosion and scrapes as well as maintaining a better color finish.

On the production end, powder coating emits nearly zero volatile compounds and less hazardous waste, so it is much safer to handle and apply for employees. The overspray can also be reused to keep costs low and reduce waste.

Cured powder coated trailer hot out of the oven


The limitations of powder require it to be used on metal surfaces and baked at 400 degree heat.

Fortunately in the trailer industry, at that stage the trailers are all just raw metal, and most industries already use bake ovens to dry liquid paint.

Watch the video of our coating process.

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