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Best Flatbed Trailer

If you are looking for a high payload on your trailer, look no further. Lamar's flatbeds have a payload ranging from 10,000 - 21,000 pounds.

Flatbed trailers encompass a number of different trailers and options for a variety of purposes.

If you are looking for a deckover, hot shot trailer, equipment hauler, gooseneck trailer, or tilt trailer, then our flatbeds with their bumper pull or gooseneck option, tilting beds, or hydraulic doves will suit your needs.

You can get our EZ Lube Axles on your Lamar trailer for easy maintenance. Lamar also offers oil bath axles, torsion axles, hutch suspension, spread axles, and hydraulic brake axles.

Our flat decks are built to last. They have been expertly engineered to be more durable than any other trailer on the market.

With a max payload capacity of up to 21,000 pounds, you can load heavy-duty equipment, and transport loads with ease.

To easily withstand such a high payload the frame on this trailer is an 8 or 12-inch i-beam depending on the length and the crossmembers are spaced at a tight 16 inches standard.

As payload increases, the frame on our flatbed trailers is strengthened with heavier i-beams, maxing out with an i-beam that is 22 pounds per foot.

Lamar Trailer’s favorite feature are the Rhino Ramps, they offer a more gradual loading angle without sacrificing deck space. They are full width so you don't need to worry about ramp placement.

With stake pockets, pipe, and a rub rail this trailer has endless tie-downs for straps and chains.

We sandblast all our trailers and use an industrial powder coat for a weather-resistant finish.

All our trailers have a sealed wire harness. The front hook-up is rated for negative 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which is really cold in Celsius.


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