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Together at Lamar

Lamar Trailers is a trailer manufacturer located in Sumner Texas. We employee over 200 people.


Lamar exists to provide a stable, clean and fun place to work where team members grow and thrive in life.

If you are looking for a career that offers family values, stability, and a caring work environment please check free to apply to any job openings we have on.

Steady Hours

Health, Dental & Vision

Our standard schedule is Monday through Friday, and production gets out before school does, and noon on Fridays.

What We Offer

All team members are eligible for our health, dental, and vision benefits the first of the month following 60 days of employment. Employee only health insurance is only $15 per week.

Production Day Shift

Monday - Thursday 6:00am - 3:00pm

Friday 6:00am - 12:00pm

Admin Shift

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

What We Offer

Training & Promotion

Family Values

What We Look For

56% of our administrative staff and supervisors started their career at Lamar in entry level positions. We value work ethic, attitude and drive.

Lamar is family owned and operated. Our goal is to provide jobs for the community, work that is enjoyable, and encourages healthy family values and work life balance.

We are an equal opportunity employer, looking to hire production team members who have a steady work history, are able to perform strenuous work, and all team members to embody our core values. You must be eligible to work in the United States, and successfully complete our pre-hire process, including a drug screen.

401k with Company Match

We want to provide our team members with stability for the rest of their lives, that's why we offer a 401k plan with company match, 50 cents for every dollar you contribute up to 6%.

Our Core Values


CNC Machine Operators

We have plasma cutting tables, shears, press brakes, bandsaws, robot welders, iron workers, and plasma torches that all require operators to watch the machines and fulfill part work orders. 

Our Team




MIG Welders

Our trailers are assembled by welders. We have two different types of welders, sub-assembly welders, and line welders. This work is highly paid piecework. They work at their own pace and control how much they get paid on a scale weighted by both quantity and quality.

Sub-assemblies are a part of the parts production. They are created in jigs and welded together. Welders are given work order to fulfill.

The sub assemblies, and the parts created by the rest of the CNC department are put together on an assembly line by our line welders.

Forklift Drivers

Our parts production, warehouse, and assembly lines all require moving of heavy steel by forklifts. Fork lift operators are responsible for moving parts in the factory to other locations as needed.

Supervisors & Lead Hands

Managing the team and production are our Supervisors and Lead Hands, they are highly skilled in the product and in people skills to be able to manage production and their teams.

What We Look For
Our Core Values
Positions Available

Metal Blasting Booth Technicians

Our trailers all get prepped for powder coat by getting shot blasted in a blasting booth.

Powder Booth Technicians

After paint prep, our trailers roll through a paint booth and get powder coated. We use powder and not liquid paint. Powder is far safer and not a fire risk like liquid paint.

Oven Technicians

After powder coating, trailers are sent through an 80 foot oven for the powder to cure. Oven techs are responsible for keeping the oven rolling with a constant stream of trailers.

Axle Technicians

Technicians install axles on trailers. The axles range from 3,000 lb GAWR to 15,000 lb GAWR. There are a range of features, from idler axles, brake axles, and even air brakes.

Wiring Technicians

To make sure that brakes, lights, and hydraulic components function, techs run wiring harnesses along the trailer frame. 

Decal Technicians

All our trailers come with branding, warning, and technical stickers that have to be adhered to the trailer. These technicians have to follow placement guidelines.

Flooring Technicians

Most trailers come with a pine floor consisting of 2x8 boards that have to be laid on the trailer and screwed down.

Supervisors & Lead Hands

Managing the team and production are our Supervisors and Lead Hands, they are highly skilled in the product and in people skills to be able to manage production and their teams.

Maintenance Technicians

To ensure the factory and production is running smoothly, our maintenance technicians perform diagnostics on downed machines, and preventative maintenance to prevent issues. We have electrical, and pneumatic machinery.

Quality Control Technicians

To keep a high standard of product, our Quality Control team is responsible for thoroughly checking all work done on trailers from the beginning to end of the assembly line.

Supervisors & Lead Hands

Managing the team and production are our Supervisors and Lead Hands, they are highly skilled in the product and in people skills to be able to manage production and their teams.

Executive Management

Our Executives are in charge of managing the company from a birds eye perspective with an eye on the future. They make decisions on how to company is run and what we focus on.

Sales Representatives

We are a Business to Business company. Our Sales team manages our dealers accounts and orders of over 100+ dealers.

Warranty Representatives

Any warranty claims are handled by our warranty representatives. They manage claims and organize repair when necessary.

Inventory Control Specialists

Our bills of materials, work orders, and inventory are managed by our Inventory Team. They work in our software system (IQMS) to maintain accuracy.

Marketing Specialists

Advertising, marketing,  and branding is handled by our Marketing team.

Human Resources

Payroll and hiring are managed by our Human Resources team.


Payment is collected and distributed, and money is managed by our Accounting team.

Purchasing Specialists

Product is ordered by our purchasing team. They are responsible for ordering quality material, at affordable pricing, and having it delivered by inventory deadlines.

Shipping Specialists

Our trailers and parts are shipped out to dealers across the country. Logistics are handled by our Shipping team.

Stacking Crew

Our finished trailers are shipped out across the country on semi and hot shot loads. The trailers are stacked with cranes operated by our stacking crew. They follow DOT guidelines and regulations to ensure properly stacked loads that won't damage the product.

Receiving Specialists

We receive tons of material and packages each day. Our receiving team is responsible for checking delivieries, paperwork, and receiving items into our software system.

Receptionists and Assistants

Our admin team is supported by a host of organized assistants and receptionist who take calls, sort emails, manage calendars, organize travel arrangements, plan events, and other administrative duties.

Life Insurance

All our team members are eligible for a free company sponsored life insurance policy of $50,000 following 60 days of employment.

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