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Lamar Trailers Low-Profile Telescopic Dump Trailer

Are you looking for a dump trailer that's built to last?

This low-profile trailer is designed to handle the toughest jobs- suitable for homeowners, commercial users, and other various industries. Whether you're in construction, landscaping, trash removal, or any other field, the Lamar Low-Pro Telescopic Dump Trailer is your perfect hauling partner.

A Lamar Trailers Telescopic Dump


Convenience and Customizability-

Unloading and loading equipment can be a real challenge. That's why we engineered the Lamar Low-Pro Dump Trailer with a deck height of just 28 inches. Say goodbye to backbreaking work and hello to convenience and productivity.

A Lamar Trailer Low 28in Deck for Loading

Every job is a little bit different, which is why customizability is key when choosing the perfect trailer. With this dump trailer, pick between side heights of 24 inches, 36 inches, or 48 inches. Cater to your specific needs, ensuring the perfect setup for whatever job you need to get done.

A telescopic Lamar Trailer


Payload Capacity Worries?

Not with this dump trailer. It can handle 9,000lbs (or 11,000lbs, depending on the axle size) with absolute ease. You can have peace of mind knowing that the transportation of your materials and equipment will always be efficient and secure. Tackling big jobs is made less of a challenge when you have the right dump trailer.

A Telescopic Lamar Dump Trailer Hauling Heavy Duty Gravel


Equipped with High Quality Features-

- 10k Jacks - A Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder - An Expansive Toolbox - D-Rings - A Spreader Gate and Barn Door Combo - Led Bullet Lights - Weather-Resistant Wiring - Spaced Crossmembers for Added Strength - Rear Slide-In Ramps - A 13lb I-Beam Frame

Prefer a gooseneck dump trailer? We've got you covered. The gooseneck option even includes an optional 6" raised neck for lifted trucks, making sure that you have the right fit.


Elevate your hauling game.

Visit our website to find a trailer dealer near you and experience the quality of a Lamar Low-Pro Telescopic Dump.


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