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What Grease to use in Lippert Trailer Axles

When you are performing regular maintenance on your trailer, you may be wondering what kind of grease to use to grease your trailer axles. Bearing grease should be replaced every 36,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Topping Off Grease

For axles, especially Lippert axles you need grease with a high dropping point (446°F Minimum). Lippert uses Lucas Red N Tacky Grease #2, at the factory. It has a high drop point and is highly rated. You can use this same grease for any of the grease fittings on the trailer. This grease isn't recommended if you are going to be re-greasing your axles, it is too thick to roll cleanly into the bearings.

Replacing the Grease on Trailer Axles

Here are a couple of other approved sources for bearing grease from Lippert. Lippert recommends having the bearings machine packed with grease, but a viable alternative is to hand pack them. The video below covers the whole process from start to finish. You can also check out our other blog post about it.

​Approved Bearing Grease Sources

Mobil Oil

Mobilgrease HP


Ronex MP

Kendall Refining Co.

Kendall L-427

Ashland Oil Co.

Valvoline Val-plex EP Grease

Pennzoil Prod. Co.

​Premium Wheel Bearing Grease 707L

Grease Specifications

Recommended Wheel Bearing Grease Specifications

​Thickener Type

​Lithium Complex

Dropping Point

​230°C (446°F) Minimum


NLGI No. 2


​EP, Corrosion and Oxidation Inhibitors

​Base Oil

Solvent Refined Petroleum Oil

​Base Oil Viscosity

​@40°C (104°F) 150cSt (695 SUS) Minimum

Viscosity Index

80 Minimum

​Pour Point

​-10°C (14°F) Minimum


Do not mix lithium, calcium, sodium or barium-complex greases. Mixing these incompatible

compounds can create a corrosive and/or toxic chemical with fumes that can result in a serious health

risk if exposed to the skin or lungs. When converting from one grease to another, make sure all old grease is

removed completely prior to applying new grease.

Sources Lippert

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