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How to Install Wireless Remote on a Dump Trailer

If you need a little more distance between you and your dump trailer, you may want to install a wireless remote.

Read ahead for instructions how to install a wireless KTI remote on your dump trailer.

This information is specific to Lamar dump trailers but should also work with other brands.

Buying a remote

If you do not yet have a remote, you can find one here.


1 of Main Transmitter

2 of 2 inches by 2 inches velcro

1 of 23 AE Battery for transmitter

1 of Main Receiver Unit

1 of Detachable antenna

1 of Antenna mounting screw

1 of Installation Manual


This unit works with trailers built after January 2015. Very simple and quick installation. The wireless remote has a range of about 40 foot with no obstructions. Receiver has a built-in safety shuts down after being idle for 20 minutes. Receiver can program up to 4 key fobs to one receiver. Includes a inline 15 amp fuse on the power wire for protection. 5/16 inches eyes are included on power and ground wires to ease installation to battery. Receiver Power and Ground Wire lengths: 24 inches 2 Button receptacle connector wire length: 14 inches 2 Button power unit connector wire length: 32 inches. Detachable antenna has 38 inches of wire.

Manufacturer: KTI Hydraulics Part No: KWR-003

Check out the unboxing video of everything you should find in your KTI wireless remote.

Check out our video walking you through how to install the wireless remote or read ahead for written instructions.

How to install a wireless remote on your dump trailer

To ensure you don't get shocked while installing your dump trailers wireless remote, unhook to power supply from the battery.

Unhook, or unscrew the current corded remote from the pump.

With the Velcro, tape the box onto the inside of the toolbox.

Take the long connector from the wireless box and hook it up to the pump.

Take the short connector from the wireless box and hook it up to the corded remote. That way you can still utilize the corded remote if you do not have the wireless remote on you or if the battery in the wireless remote is dead.

Take the wires from the box and hook them up to the battery, making sure to go negative to negative and positive to positive. Take the small wingnut off the battery. The black wire will be connected to the ground and the hot wire will be connected to the positive side of the coil to make connection. Tighten the wingnut back on.

A common error is not attaching the antenna to the outside of the toolbox. The toolbox can interfere with the signal.

Hook the power supply back up and test your new wireless remote!


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