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How to Protect Your Trailer from Being Stolen

Trailers are a great asset, therefore there is often a risk of theft.

Trailers often have to be left unattended in a remote location, making them an easy target for potential thieves. If you own a trailer, it is important to take steps to protect against theft.

Invest in a Quality Lock-

The easiest way for a potential thief to steal a trailer is to attach the trailer to their vehicle and drive off, so investing in a good quality lock is a great preventative measure regarding theft. There are many different types of locks available on the market, ranging from coupler locks to wheel locks.

Coupler locks fit onto the trailer’s hitch ball and prevent anyone from attaching their vehicle to the trailer. Wheel locks are another popular option, clamping onto one or more of the trailer’s wheels, making it impossible to move the trailer with ease.

Coupler Lock
Coupler Lock

Park in a Secure, Monitored Location-

One of the best ways to prevent theft is to keep the trailer in a secure location. Although sometimes difficult, if possible, try to park in well-lit areas that are somewhat heavily populated. If you are parking in a remote location, look for parking lots with surveillance cameras or places overlooked by businesses or other establishments.

Another great way to prevent a thief from getting to your trailer is parking the trailer behind a locked gate and/or add security cameras to wherever you plan on leaving your trailer if it’s on your property.

Mark Your Trailer-

An easy and efficient way to protect your trailer from theft is by marking it with either your logo or your contact information. This could cause a potential thief to lose interest, because they’ll see that the trailer is easily identifiable. If you do mark your trailer and someone still steals it, the markings can help law enforcement return the trailer to you.

You can use decals to mark your trailer or use a security etching kit to permanently mark the trailer. There are also decals/stickers available that state the trailer is protected with security etching or a GPS tracking device, potentially deterring the thief. Stay clear of using markings that can be easily removed, be sure to choose a method that will be long-lasting.

Security Etching
Security Etching

Install GPS Tracking-

This is an extra-safe step you can take to be sure you will always be able to locate your trailer. Installing a GPS tracking device on your trailer can be an effective way to locate regardless of where it ends up if it’s stolen. GPS tracking devices can pinpoint the location of the trailer in real-time, allowing you to track its movement and recover it. Some GPS tracking systems can even be set up to notify you of any suspicious activity, allowing you to act quickly and prevent theft.

While more expensive than some other forms of protection, a GPS tracking device for your trailer can be extremely useful if you are willing to invest in one. There are tracking devices designed specifically for this purpose. Additionally, rather than purchasing a tracker purely designed for trailers, you could consider buying an Apple AirTag and securing it somewhere out of sight on your trailer. (If you have a device that is compatible with an Apple product.) GPS tracking may not be as good as some of the other ways to prevent theft, but it is a good way of having a high chance of getting your trailer back.

Trailer Tracking Device
Trailer Tracking Device

Apple AirTag
Apple AirTag


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